Community Outreach

Backstage CommUNITY - Our community projects ensure we don't just bring the best to the people of Longford, but also help them achieve their best, discovering capabilities, skills & passions that may otherwise have gone uncovered.
We have delivered a number of major community projects to a diverse range of communities from young people and local theatre groups to marginalised communities such as people with intellectual disability and our new communities of immigrants and asylum seekers. These projects have brought a new dimension to our work, bringing communities in Longford together and reinforcing the capacity that Arts and Culture have to unify and empower people.

Current Projects

Find out the steps we are taking to ensure the people of Longford feel welcome and represented regardless of culture, ethnicity, ability or age. 

Our Ambassador Programme gives communities of Longford a voice in what we programme and in how we communicate. In addition to arts lovers and representatives from cultures and ethnicities including

Past Community Projects

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