Onstage at Backstage this week… COUNTRY AND IRISH

An outlandish tale of gangsters, guns, and a man with a penchant for pacifiers

Why you need to see Country and Irish…


An electrifying performance by Peter Gowen

peter gowenWith an impressive resume that includes film and television roles in such hits as The Tudors, Love/Hate and Breakfast on Pluto, Peter Gowen treads the boards once again and absolutely steals the show in this masterful one-man comedy. Gowen plays Donie Burris – a man who’s in trouble with the mob, his overbearing mammy, and a housekeeper who knows his deepest, darkest secrets!


A brilliant script by the acclaimed Pat McCabe

pat mccabeWidely regarded as one of the country’s finest writers, Clones native Pat McCabe has a unique flare for creating stories that examine the surreal underbelly of contemporary Irish life, a talent that has garnered him worldwide acclaim for his novels The Butcher Boy and The Dead School.  In Country and Irish, he brings us the intriguing story of one man’s desperate attempt to escape his increasingly complicated reality by imagining himself as the star of his own gangster movie. The end result is a rollicking yarn with a cracking soundtrack that perfectly compliments McCabe’s darkly comic script.


A banana, a tape recorder, and a bomb..! peter gowen country irish

Country and Irish is a unique and at times hilarious portrait of a man at the end of his rope. Billed as a startling and provocative fever dream, Pat McCabe’s tragicomic tale is a hugely inventive tour-de-force with knowing nods to film noir, Samuel Beckett and even the Teletubbies!

Witty and savagely funny with a terrific soundtrack, Country and Irish comes to Backstage on April 27th and is simply not to be missed.


Country and Irish
Thursday 27th April @ 8pm
Main Auditorium