Kakatsitsi - kids show longford drummers

Kakatsitsi Drummers

Book Now Fri 28 Oct @ 7pm

Kakatsitsi Drummers

Fri 28 Oct @ 7pm Book Now

Kakatsitsi Drummers

Smooth & groovy… Treat all the family to an unforgettable hand-clapping, foot-stomping evening with the dynamic West African drumming sensation Kakatsitsi.

A vibrant group of traditional drummers, dancers and singers from the Ga tribe of Southern Ghana, Kakatsitsi’s blend of harmonised singing and expressive dance takes inspiration from a variety of West African cultures. Kakatsitsi’s music combines traditional drumming grooves and vocal harmonies, accompanied by a wide variety of West African drums.

Be part of the action as Kakatsitsi breaks down the barriers between performer and spectator by encouraging active audience participation, whether on drums, chanting or dancing!

Kakatsitsi is also organising two half-day workshops in local schools so students can immerse themselves in the rhythms, chants and actions of traditional West African dancing as they learn all the right moves from the best in the business.

School workshops – SOLD OUT