During her residency with Backstage Theatre (2018-2020) director Maisie Lee began working with writer Fionnuala Gygax on her debut play Lúminaria.  They used this time to develop this new work by initially carrying out a series of workshops with a number of primary schools classes over a six week period. Through puppet making workshops and character & plot brainstorming sessions, these workshops involved children in the initial stages of show creation ensuring that the show spoke directly to its target market.

Plans to tour Lúminaria to venues across Ireland were delayed due to Covid but in May/June 2022 Lúminaria embarked on a national tour to nine venues across Ireland.

There is an emergency in the village of Lúminaria and only Lúna can save them.
Join Lúna on an adventure into the sky as she tries to find the light to protect her mother and the villagers from darkness.

With an array of wonderful characters played by three amazing actors, colourful puppets and original music, Lúminaria brings the audience on a whimsical journey into the unknown. As Lúna faces her deepest fears, we learn about courage, love and finding light in the darkest of moments.

A Backstage Theatre production supported by Arts Council Ireland with development support from Creative Ireland, Longford Arts Office and Roscommon Arts Centre.

Age Recommendation: ages 6+

Duration: 45 mins

Writer:Fionnuala Gygax
Director: Maisie Lee
Starring: Martha Breen, Honi Cooke & Donncha O’Dea
Set & Costume Design: Ellen Kirk
Lighting Design: Stephen Dodd
Sound Design: Denis Clohesssy
Stage Manager: Evie McGuinness
Production Manager: Eoin Kilkenny
Chief LX: Suzie Cummins
Set Builder and Model Maker: Andrew Clancy
Costume and prop Assistant: Fiona Cradock
Set and Costume Assistant: Masha Khaleeva