Onstage at Backstage this week… DYLAN-DYAD

The times they are a changin’ in this spectacular celebration of the legendary Bob Dylan

Why you need to see


The unique sound of Bob Dylan comes to Longford as Alias Fitz and Shane Kennedy take us on an unforgettable musical journey with their amazing new show Dylan-Dyad at Backstage on Saturday, May 6th. Here’s why you need to see this incredible duo…


It’s a musical love letter to a legend

dylan dyad

Dylan-Dyad takes the audience on a captivating musical journey through Bob Dylan’s expansive and much-celebrated songbook, from his early days in Greenwich Village and his Rollin’ Thunder Revue right through to his Never-Ending Tour Era. With unforgettable hits like “Blowin’ in the Wind” and “The Times They Are A-Changin'”, it’s no exaggeration to say that Dylan’s music has become part of the soundtrack of our lives. This unique collaboration captures the spirit of Dylan and explores the many faces of the man behind the musical legend.


It features superb local talentdylan-dyad alias fitz shane kennedy

Musician Alias Fitz (aka Pauric Fitzpatrick) and performance artist Shane Kennedy have combined their considerable talents for this specially-curated show which pays homage to one of the finest songsmiths of the past 50 years. The pair has been spent months in rehearsals fine-tuning what promises to be a nostalgic and unmissable evening of classics, crowd-pleasers and those half-forgotten Dylan gems that are sure to enchant a whole new generation of fans.


So make sure to grab your tickets now for a magical evening of entertainment at Backstage on May 6th.

Saturday 6th May @ 8pm
Main Auditorium