Canal Studio


The studio is painted white with one mirrored wall. A continuous black drape and track system surrounds the room to create a black box space
Dimensions – The Canal Studio is a flexible black box space measuring 14.5 x 7.9
Audience capacity – 100 loose chairs and / or standing capacity to a max of 150
subject to performance space requirement.
Floor – Black sprung wooden floor. Fixing to floor is not permitted
Staging – Performances can be staged on the floor either end or in the round. There are 3 sections of portable Prostage RK 200/100 giving a max stage area of 3 x 2 metre
Dressing Rooms – 1 room without facilities is available adjacent to The Canal Studio. Two dressing rooms are available on the next level down
Drapes and masking– There is no masking in the studio but masking from the main auditorium can be used subject to availability
Height access – 10ft wooden A- frame ladder
Conference equipment – Wifi internet access, audio visual equipment, projector and projector screen, high tech lighting, podium, microphones, DVD player, flip boards.

Additional equipment – Lighting, sound, stage weights, cables etc may be obtained from the main auditorium strictly subject to availability.


Control Desk – Zero 88 Jester 12/24
Dimming – 6 x ETC Smart Modules . 24 circuits in total
12 x Selcon 650 Fresnels
6 x Source 4 Jnr zoom 25/50
6 x 1000 w Parcans
4 x Strand Coda 500 floods
Fixed grid height – 3.8 m. The grid spans the entire room


Desk – Yamaha EMX 5016 powered mixer
Speakers – 2 x Yamaha SM10 v 250 w
2 x Behringer Eurolive B212XL 200 w
2 x The Box T18 500 w subs
Playback –1 x Sony MD player (no auto pause!)
Miscellaneous sound :- 4 x passive DI’s
4 x Boom mic stands
Mics – 3x T-bone dynamic mics
2 x Shure Sm 58