Brandon McPhee standing on stage alongside Manson Grant with a full theatre audience in the background

The Brandon McPhee Show

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The Brandon McPhee Show

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The Brandon McPhee Show

Fri 22 Mar
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Brandon McPhee

Live at Backstage

It is just over 15 years since Brandon – at the age of 10 – ventured his first notes on the button accordion at his granddad Donald’s knee; a good listener and keen pupil, he was soon playing “The Dark Island”. To say he took to the instrument is an understatement; by the age of 17, Brandon was the All Scotland Senior Accordion Champion!

His love of singing and country music grew apace and he has worked with some of the finest Irish artistes, including Daniel O Donnell, Philomena Begley and Foster & Allen.  A single, “Walking On The Waves”, made Number 1 in the Country Music charts based on airplay. Brandon has subsequently recorded a single with Foster & Allen titled “Spanish Lady”. Another single, this time with Daniel O’Donnell, is due for release next Spring.

17 CDs & 8 DVDs later, an evening with Brandon McPhee and his band featuring Manson Grant is a wonderful mix of classic Country, Folk, Irish and Scottish music.

This really is a music variety show that’s not to be missed!

Accessibility at Backstage
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