Sammy Copley – The Red Room @ PVs

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Sammy Copley – The Red Room @ PVs

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Sammy Copley – The Red Room @ PVs

Sammy Copley

Lasta 2024

Dublin-based singer/songwriter Sammy Copley has grown up in a self-made spotlight. Inadvertently documenting his growth as a storyteller and a performer through weekly uploads to YouTube, his channel has over a quarter of a million subscribers. He released his first full-length body of work, the album Growing Pains, in 2021.

Pouring emotion into his soothing folk-inflected ballads, Copley shared more of his stories with the Little Box EP, culminating with sold-out shows in London and Dublin. More recently Copley has featured on Kojaque and Ezra Williams’ IMRO award-nominated albums, and collaborated with acclaimed Canadian artist Dan Mangan on the single ‘You’.

“The future continues to look promising as their music career develops and grows year after year.”
– University Times


@sammycopley wouldn’t be half the songwriter i am without joni mitchell’s music tbh #bothsidesnow #jonimitchell #singersongwriter #cover ♬ both sides now cover – sammy copley


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