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Pension Plan

Book Now Thu 11 Jul @ 8pm

Pension Plan

Thu 11 Jul @ 8pm Book Now

Pension Plan

Thu 11 Jul @ 8pm
Book Now

Beezneez Theatre

Pension Plan

After a sell-out success last summer, Beezneez Theatre return with their rip-roaring comedy Pension Plan by John McDwyer.

The Flanagan brothers are a pair of bachelors who live a life of peaceful contentment on their hillside farm, bothered only the persistent efforts of their spinster neighbour, Ann Catherine, to marry either or both of them.

Their tranquil existence is disturbed by a visiting stranger who brings news that threatens to turn their world upside down.

Salvation may come from an unlikely source but at what price?

The author directs Barry Deignan, Gerry Farrell, Pat Feeley and Valerie Traynor in an evening of madcap fun. Pension Plan is a guaranteed Beezneez ‘Good Night Out’!


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