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Tue 7 Mar @ 10am Book Now


Tue 7 Mar @ 10am
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Little Lion Theatre presents Adole-ta!

Joy loves running, spinning and flying in nature.
Sky loves reading, singing and gaming indoors.

A-do-le-TA! is a dance theatre piece that joyously explores friendship and play.
Come into a world with Joy and Sky where anything is possible – a tent can be a crab, an umbrella can be a cloud, and the moon can sing!

Through play, two friends overcome differences and together imagine, create and expand their reality and yours.

Suitable for ages 3-6
Duration: 45 mins


We have also confirmed the cast. Please note the credits for the production:

Choreography & Concept: Selma Daniel
Dancers: Ellie Marsh & Mirela Romano
Composer / Performer: Patrick Stefan
Visual Consultant: Sabine Dargent
Costume Designer: Sabine Dargent
Lighting Design: Sebastian Pizarro
Dramaturg: Raymond Keane