Orla and Aisling McCarthy

During this Activate Residency, local sisters Aisling and Orla Mc Carthy come together to share their crafts; dance and music. This isn’t the first time that musician / songwriter Aisling (SISTIR) and dancer / choreographer Orla collaborate artiscally. With two music videos and a dance film already behind them, the two sisters are eager to continue developing their artistic relationship further.
This time around, they are excited to have the time and space for a more in-depth exchange of their respective crafts, with some questions at the heart of their research; What is the potential of this relationship? Where is this meeting place? What values, processes and language do we already share? What knowledge, skills and experience can be exchanged? What new insights can be discovered?

The material created in this research will be developed for a short film. The film will center around this exchange as well as dealing with the subject matter of ‘sisterhood’. Evidently, the theme of feminine relationships is very dear to the two sisters who come from a family of five women. While this project will touch upon the deeply personal, it will also be a reflection of the female bonds we all know and cherish and will cover universal themes of connection, unity, support, celebration, acceptance, empowerment, embracing, belonging, and remembering.