James O’Donnell

Director James O’Donnell is spending a week exploring the brilliant play Deluge by Fiona Doyle. This deeply provocative thriller is set in a blighted landscape, where nature is fiercely taking it’s course and it’s becoming a question of survival of the fittest.

‘What did you want me to do? I had to take care of the farm. There was so much to….I couldn’t let them…I couldn’t let them win.’ Theatre Director James O’Donnell and four actors will be spending a week exploring and dissecting the brilliant play Deluge by Fiona Doyle. This play, set in rural Ireland, is a provocative thriller set against the backdrop of cataclysmic weather and a farm in turmoil. Kitty and Joe have inherited the farm and try their hardest to keep the homestead from falling apart. But at what cost? The play premiered at the theatre Hampstead Downstairs, London, in 2015.